Poem # 99

Today at Lunch. Wang Li and Wang Lu

by Francess S. Raymundo


1.The clear soup


      Outside, rain.

      As usual.

      The start came in a small bowl.

      A combination of beef stock and chicken stock

      salt,pepper,onion leeks,and star anise.

      with my two palms, I craddled the bowl.

      Drank from its rim with my lips.

      I had very little thoughts about this soup.

      ” Something as common as tasting like nothing

        else but warm salt and tears.”

      And outside, as usual, rain.



2. The Deep fried cuttlefish



   Outside, rain.

   As usual.

   After the start is in an oblong platter.

   With lettuce, with carrots Julienne and onions.

   salt,pepper, onion leeks, and fried corn starch.

   Takes 2 hours to have some of this after the start.

   The deep fried cuttlefish pieces line my lips oily.

    ” And itchy.”

   Outside, as usual, rain.




3. The Luk Yuen halo-halo


  Let the crushed ice soak into sugared water.

  Had some of the mung beans, had the cure,

  A cure. Goji berries.

  Sugared, pasty, and filling dumplings with her, after.

  Made me all feel like Wang Li, again.

   “Hungry and full and still hungry, after.”


  As usual.Then outside with rain.


   You’re lovely, F.

                   – Eddin

always dedicated to Eddin Khoo.

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