not that delicious

…this is just too delicious not to share. by the way, last October 2010 i had my first bout with epilepsy. guess why? eddin khoo did something terrible to me. since then i had my first  taste of what anti-parkinson’s disease medication can do to a Ms Cat-man-do person like me. No. he isn’t a good person. My therapist attributes my illness to that. The doings of a bad friend. The letter isn’t that delicious at all. I still didn’t know how to spot a fake man before. but now i do.

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Dear Francess…Happy to have spoken with you yesterday; and it did bring on much laughter that our conversation ended with talk of Techno music – something, the appeal of which, baffles me completely!
Especially since I had heard some opera over the very bad phone line, and actually wanted to ask you what it was.
I am so concerned, and was terribly sad, to hear of the seriousness of your heart condition.
It is some consolation to know that your Pah attends to you, but worrying all the same.
Do take the meds though, diligently, and keep the spirit strong.
I will try to help with that.
But please, please don’t talk of … that is not a matter to be decided by any of us.
You’re right, these bouts of chronic hypertension (that’s what it is, the surges in blood pressure, are but an effect of that) pales in comparison.
It just makes me vulnerable to a stroke, which is not a pleasent prospect at all.
I repeat again my apology for being insensitive to your condition and circumstances.
Please, also, don’t think I will fail you with the essay.
18.09 is the deadline and you will receive it.
No need, I would like to think, at present, to be concerned about whether it will arrive or not, just wait for the date and let it be a nice surprise.
As I said previously, the essay is important to me, since it is about a wonderful poet, friend and mentor, who passed away suddenly from a heart attack, about whom I had promised to write/translate while he was alive, but failed to do.
The essay reachs you then with a great deal of regret, also, buried within it.
I would like to explain, also, that I am very bad with phones and other modes of technology.
So please do not read my not answering a message as my being dismissive, or cold.
Truth of the matter is I truly loath phones; am bad speaking on them and even worse texting from them (texting makes my thumb swell).
I only own a mobile for emergencies, especially with my family. And often, once I am home, with family, I duly put it on silent or switch it off altogether.
I find texting also a terrible form of communication.
Perhaps I should be living 500 years ago (perhaps I did) but it’s too late to change; and besides, I really have no inclination to.
Am headed up to Kelantan again on Wednesday for 5 days – sort things out there before the coming of Ramadhan (24.09).
it’s also the Hindu festival of the new moon (23.09) – a time, then, for prayer and meditation.
A strong spirit and a good heart, then, is what I’ll wish for you.
I hope the laughter that ended our conversation will see you through this bout of not feeling so well, and I hope there’ll be much more of that.
Yes, I am sending good and healing thoughts (mean that very much) and look forward to receiving a message saying “feeling much better” from you soon.
Do (please) stay well ya.

all good things ~ eddin