Poetry: September 07 6:28

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How to wish me home
alay ko kay eddin

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by francess raymundo

The red sun is always red outside your windows.
Where you are,the red sun is always red.

Time is always slow on the streets.
With smoky clouds where you stand, time is always slow.

The brown and golden snails move swifter than a minister.
Fuzzy green and yellow caterpillars with round bodies
crawl in a robust rhythm, swifter than a minister’s.
And you chase after a blue taxi, swifter than a minister.

With you,at night,wind strains to stretch fog.
Along your wait, foggy strains stretch the reach of a wind, at night.

The wide fog is always wide outside your windows.
Where you are, the wide fog is always wide.

If you would that I be home,
set your eyes on sailing ships.
Gaze far at red ships sailing,
if I be home is what you wish.