what happens when De-Lovely becomes i-love-you?…

when De-Lovely begins to haunt francess, what happens? nothing much. i have a heart and to me, it has stopped beating. it’s there. i know it’s inside. but i can’t feel my heart. it is not really beating. 

i don’t care if he’s gay. Cole Porter still loved his Linda Porter.
but he called me a shit. hence, i can’t say that my heart is still beating.


my ex best friend of 11 years has been replaced by a mr.almost wonderful. he’s become my oldest friend. 14 years. 15th year has just entered. we met, 1st year college~ UA&P

he’s mr. almost wonderful because he could easily jump-start this heart’s battery but…there is a BUT~~~ shame, sayang and such a shame~~~ he doesn’t want to demystify francess.

oh well. tough luck ko talaga oo. dumb tough very stupid lack of good luck.

how do i know? went out on a mini-date the other day with mr. almost wonderful. beer and chocolate cake for me. just 1 beer. no one bothers me when I’m out with Mr. Yin. Mr. Yin~ ’cause what do you know? here’s that prone to falling for Chinese Filipinos. falling for people with Chinese blood…ppl of Chinese heritage (grrrrrrrrrr and sigh) ….
anyway…my best friend kisses me on my forehead.

ok. so there. ” Demystify you, I shall not”. sigh. I’m dear to someone ( all right…i’m dear to a guy if he kisses me on my forehead…if given a chance to grace me with a kiss (not graze))

blog entry isn’t well writ. but who cares. stop reading if you just plan to use your misplaced and evil curiosity for the sake of sheer malice. go away, ok?

thank you.


now, where in the [blank]’s name is my dumb heart?