IKABOD note…..

(i wonder if E. would think that i deserved the unfortunate incident or if E. would tell me to cheer up & feel better soon…i think it’s the first thought for mister E. …Embarrassed save me eddin hurry up and save me please…:-( please save me)summer weather observation: too much perspiration. no inspiration. i am very sad.yesterday i used a hammer. i worked on one of our windows. after i had taken down a window shutter panel (wide pvc rain ward-offer ‘thing’ rolled up and ‘everything else’) my sarong fell.it was securely held by a sturdy safety pin, knotted on the one side, knotted on the other side, and there was another knot…there for added security. and my sarong still falls. it did fall off of me.i am so embarrassed. i heard myself shriek and i felt like a 5 year old. the 5 year old was able to get hold of another curtain and …never mind. it was a very embarrassing incident. i only hope that mr. undead with the hammer…same mr. undead who has been building that swamp land squatters’ castle  of his ….same castle that i can’t see but can hear..i hope that that relentless ghoul didn’t see me, the unclad 5 year old girl who replaced securely-bundled-in-mental-asylum-aka-home-care-favorite-pineapple-print-sarong-and-then-some-fcukmyveryunluckyself-me,and scurrying-off-like-a-mad-jackrabbit-trying-to-cover-up-with-a-curtain-hoping-she’d-emerge-unscathed-***-escape-to-the-other-side-of-the-bedroom-away-from-the-ridiculously-hell-of-a-saturday-afternoon’s-manila-summer-sun-filled-bummer-of-a-bedroom-window-away-from-the-mutant neighbors-away-from-mr.-j@ackass-undead-man-with-that-fcukstupid-hammer-undead-ghoul-who-should-at-least-get-pinkeye-if-he-saw-suddenly-turned-oh-so-forlorn-for-the-zillionth- time francess (i,me, at sino paba kung hindi ako nanaman ang minalas ?)….just my dumbstupidluck that mr. EK hasn’t seen what my spook-of-a-cursed-sarong mercilessly ‘showed’ the sky,the neighbors [i’m not even going to think of just who had seen or how many…if any…not a lot i hope but who’s to know?], the old peglamaco, the as far as the eye can see when eyes are able, the spies, the bugs, the universe of my let’s-murder-every-single-girl-who-doesn’t fit-in-and-still-lives-with-her-mother Francess Erasure senseless but oh so very dense…source of current depersonalization and fragmentation …don’t turn into ophelia, lot’s wife’ or that dog named Pepper..guardian angel forsaken world [at present]….EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedConfusedEmbarrassedSadEmbarrassed                                                     


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