~ swift winding?


1. i have enough of those here in manila…from really admirable efforts from GBGI and Co. Mission: let us all be extremely evil to this girl and let us see to it that rose francess raymundo gets one of those CSI endings: let’s sabotage and manipulate…intervene and invade privacy…let’s play with her life and mess with her subliminally…let’s even actually mess with her… ( pukpokbangbangahem11666916810143317392931306362535276take her "mother of surrealism" line superdupermegamuchmuchmuch literally, etcetcetc) btw, that "mother of surrealism" came from my AdMU thesis "mentor" D.M. R_ _ _ S  c.2006 ) …by these ways…she kicks the bucket, we commit the ‘perfect crime’ because her death will seem and will look like an accident…we actually win [ not that we didn’t already know that we’d win this one] and it would seem like this world voluntarily destroyed 1 of its gifts from the mr. grand maker whoever… of this planet

2. […..]

3. E.is E. is E. Enough is enough is enough. This is for all of you.

4. my own best friend ( Mr. Carlo) mr. # 1 UA&P shitehead..mr. FROTFW sold me to this group…… so many years of real friendship. Mr. Carlo getting this line from me, years ago… ‘ after everything that i’ve done for you, you jerk of a best guy friend…blahblahblah…fine. you’ve just lost the 1 friend who would drink a cup of beverage that has been laced with poison…if this friend knew that the poison was meant for you." & i meant those words.
Mr. jerk of a former best guy friend~ suddenly gets married…doesn’t invite me to his wedding…pleads for me to not attend the reception[ hahaha..when he was pleading…i didn’t even know where the wedding reception was going to [blank] held..he had failed to mention and yet he was begging me not to attend…( such an idiot and such a jerk) …lies about the wedding’s status…tells me it was only to be a civil ceremony…lots more of BS from mr. # 1 shitehead who sells his best girl friend out to the group ..drama drama drama…and the priceless line~ please,  francess…promise me that you won’t attend the reception.

"She, my wife to be, my bride…doesn’t know about you".  [ my best friend…ashamed to introduce me to his bride. him, the guy who tells the entire school of industrial economics that i might be pregnant ( c.1999), the guy who asks me to write an important document for him when he was working for an offshore trading company (c. 2001), the guy who asks me to help him with E-views and literature papers and summer macroeconomics school work and summer econometrics school work) (c. 2001), the guy i rushed to congratulate after his 2001 June graduation rites…even before my stupid ex-fiance calls me from where I’m standing ( beside my best guy friend) because stupid ex-fiance and francess were" in a relationship" status again..and i really didn’t want to congratulate my guy because he’s the same guy who breaks my heart on the eve of college graduation ball!!!! my best friend…the guy who asks me to write an explanation document when he somehow managed to lend PLDT 8 million pesos or was it 80 million pesos (?) c/o the company he was working for….some muddle with signatures …attributed to him… being the kind of idiotic moron that he always manages to seem ( c. 2006)….the guy who asks me to act like a ghost writer for his master’s thesis in "we love the color green" graduate school university ( c.2008)…etc, etc, etc…]oh…the guy who brings me Quickly as a gift then asks my mom to pay for the Quickly taro shakes (duh?!!!) c. 2001…etc, etc, etc, ….

Ok. that’s my best friend of almost 11 years. sells me out. ( private matter…why i have so many reasons to believe that mr. FROTFW sold me out)…had a feeling that he had sold out..months ago..but i still took his word..when he pretended to give me his word…even if i still had my doubts…because that is how much he means to me…as my # 1 stupid idiot of a best guy friend jerk ( going on 11 years…)


5. […..]


6. so do me a favor, […..]save me from the " payback time, big time, (payback for what?) hand rapists in Mt. Carmel church" horrors ( location: manila)

7. because right now…the Manila fcukheads are on such a rampage…[…..]

[…..]  […..] the one who always manages to scare me to death with your temper […..]

sure beats having 11….33…..66…69…8… and 64…even 21 and 31…on every single item, product, transaction, receipt, bill, book, and story..etc, etc, etc,the relentless and merciless pranks, evils, and malice…( locations: not just in Manila) day in ….day out …for almost 8 months now.


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