why i (Bb. Ms. Rose Raymundo) don’t have a boyfriend, lovelife, or lablife…~

This Bb. Miss Raymundo, does not have a boyfriend – never ever, ever never,never never ever, ever never ever ever, forever & forever- , a lovelife, or a lablife because
crap of life, my crapshitty life # 1 : fattie and nottie





  Ok, so the Bb. Miss Raymundo is a former FATTIE, and is prone to being a FATTIE. Sinungaling talaga iyang si gagong Mr. Wayang Kulit na iyun. Mr. wayang kulit goes: ‘ You’re not fat.’ Gee, what was that? Don’t tell me that he was just being polite. tsktsktsk. Polite? Teka muna: ‘ What have you done that’s so monumental, for me …that I  should love you, Francess?’ vs. ‘ You’re not fat.’ Meaning…in other words…sa ibang salita, kumbaga, NAHIYA KA PA SA LAGAY NA IYON, HA. ako lang nakakaintindi sa sinasabi ko. it’s ok  fat pictures of your Binibining abang lingkod were taken 2006. sa totoo lang, and i think that Mr. Big giant insect 116669 knows this: 2006 umiiyak talaga ako..wishing na isponsoran ako ni Dra Vicky Belo out of awa kasi ang taba-taba ko at akala ko hindi ko na makikitang muli ang aking mukha na walang triple chin.. Bb. is not a fattie now, but boyfriend situation is still the same. Single, Love-less, Lab-less, boyfriend less, and so very Unloved, as always.

crap of life, my crapshitty life # 2 : Bb. Ma’am Raymundo, the Engot. (ops…don’t make gaya this. Not even "The Engot" please. This story/film/ poem/novel/ and drama title belongs to me.

Why in the world and how in the world could Mr. Wayang Kulit ever want me, and give us a chance? My own Dad didn’t love me. I couldn’t make my own dad love me. It’s different kapag si Vanessa, my sister. Our dad loved her. Uulitin ko, he, my father, didn’t and couldn’t love me. Common sense lang kasi, siempre masakit aminin, perso totoo naman eh. How to make a guy want you, if your own dad didn’t want you, tapos may pesteng balat ka pa sa puwet? Wala. Olats ka nga.Akala mo ha, and kunawari ka pa, at C C… OIC… Oh I see, nagmaangmaangan ka pa kunwari. But, i ‘ll love mr. wayang kulit until there’s nothing left of me.

crap of life, my crapshittylife # 3: Great Big Giant Insect and Company

crap of life, my crapshitty life # 4: I don’t believe in ‘ it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all blahblahblah’ It’s just a line that probably came from someone who had empathy. The line was an offering of empathy, offered to losers. It’s a line for losers. This Bb. is such a looooooooooooooooooooooooooser — oh c’mon…single, loveless, labless, boyfriendless, quite unloved plus Great Big Giant Insect and Company who are so obsessed with me, my early demise, and my gory death after the most awful kind of reversal of fortune? L-oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-S-E-R. Pero, I don’t want the line to be a part of  my life. TSE!

crap of life, my crapshitty life : many, many, many, many  [many times (Xs) 116669 googlelian zillions] more.

Why I, Bb. Ms. Rose Raymundo, don’t have a boyfriend, lovelife, or lablife…Bow.





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