Top 30 Lines & 30 “Things”…

If you had this to do again, what are your 30 "Things"?
(116966 jerks shouldn’t think that this list isn’t a random list. It’s a random list.)
– I wouldn’t study Lit. (1)
– I wouldn’t have gone for the M.A.and the M.A.T.(2)
– Married when I could still get married.(3)
– Leave the Philippines.(4)
– Danced more.(5)
– Shouldn’t have sold that car.(6)
– Shouldn’t have gone to Kuala Lumpur.(7)
– Should have collected a lifetime supply of earplugs.(8)
– Should have died ahead of my Mama…ages ago(9)
– Stayed in the school van.(10)
– Handcuffed myself to my luggage.(11)
– Locked my pocket cam somewhere safe.(12)
– Shouldn’t have sold my diamonds.(13)
– Shouldn’t have pawned the ones that I didn’t come back for.(14)
– Returned the rose.(15)
– Trusted old hags.(16)
– Shouldn’t have loved my "friends" as much as I did(17)
– Laughed.(18)
– Smiled.(19)
– Taken more pictures of Grandma and Grandpa (20)
– Shouldn’t have bet my life on Mr. Wayang Kulit. (21)
– Taken more pictures of Mama.(22)
– Drank more wine (23)
– Talk to strangers.(24)
– I’d eat more fruits. (25)
– Cartwheel (26)
– More fun vs. studying so that I’d have a nice future  a.k.a bullocks(27)
– Acted like a bimbo (28)
– Acted like an airhead (29)
– Should have gotten pregnant when I could still get me 1 of those bundles of life long troubles 🙂 (30)
30 Lines
– Akin ka nalang. Travel through life with me. Be my companion. (1 Mars Disco …of course… from Mr. Stephen)
– You’ll eat everything except shit. (2 from my Dad)
– Ugaling katulong ka. (3 from Mr. Carlo)
– I’m a better man. (4 from Mr. Carlo)
– My exotic looking sister a.k.a. big fat pig (5 from my sister on facebook)
– You’re beautiful. (6 from my late Grandma)
– I’ll always be the gum on your shoe. (7 Mr. Noel the doctor)
– If we dance, we’ll fall on the floor. (8 Mr. Gary)
– Anything you want. (9 Mr. Gary)
– Happy Birthday, our dear Francess. (10 Grandpa)
– Francessita. ( 11 from Mr. Carlo…probably the world’s biggest shitehead…but I "love" him just the same. He’s just too terrible to loathe…for real )
– You haven’t seen snow and it badly wants to see you. I’m not teasing. I’m offering empathy. (12 from Mr. Wayang Kulit..comes in 2nd as the world’s biggest shitehead)
– Oo na. Sige na. You can have my surname…since you’ve put things that way. (13 from Mr. Lawyer Superproxy)
– I won’t pair you up with my best friend na. I think I want you. (14 from Mr. LSGH Ravi)
– I never discarded you. [ Sabay he left soon after he texted me this. hahaha. my life sucks to the maximum ](15 Mr. Rene LSGH)
– My mama says to give you this Sto. Nino so we don’t end up marrying each other. (16 Mr. Frank Veritas Kindergarten days. my life really sucks..believe me)
– You can call me anytime you want. Whatever you want. [ Sabay he gets engaged days after. Ang galing, ano? Try niyo.] (17 from Mr. Stephen)
– I want to fail you for the 3rd time because you assumed that English is the lingua franca.It’s not. [motherfcuker…] (18 from Dr. Tayao..the best)
– I’ll get my divorce and marry you after. [sure…sinabi mo eh] (19 from Mr. Engineer)
– Mind if I share you with my friend? (20 from Mr. Engineer)
– How is the baby? [ uhmmm…baby is fine…look it’s green…] (21 from Mr. Meghat)
– (blow of soldier’s whistle 1st ) Stand aside, men. Let the lady pass. [totoo. swear. there were witnesses. the entire departure area](22 from Mr. Lt. Sani @ the Clark airport…his eyes need to be checked. What lady? Last time I checked I’m just a common dog to Mr. Wayang Kulit)
– Let me kiss your scars so you never hurt yourself again.(23 from Mr. Noel the doctor)
– Keep playing your music. (24 from Mr. Roy)
– Keep playing your music. (25 from Mr. Mac)
– I’d rather be gay than to be with you. (26 from Mr. Roy) [ told you na how my life sucks to the max, diba?]
– You’re as common as a lamp post. As common as a yellow taxi cab. (27 from Mr. Stephen)
– This is not the way to change my feelings. And when is that? When will that be? In 10 years? (28 from Mr. Wayang Kulit)
– Don’t write or send a letter. Don’t call. Look up, look up. Your future is up. [what was up? Some lady who dies/burns…body and soul…on the ceiling] (29 from the spooky priest in my mom’s I had to lose the religion…)
– Twinkle twinkle little star ( 30 from Helen…GRABE…DINAIG PA ANG THE SHINING nak ng tokwa…haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkoooooooooooooooooooo…Oooooooooooooooooooo…………..the bogus/uber fake psychologist in that creepy/ bogus/ fake/ attempted to kill me and make me a death due to chronic constipation case ….mental/ psychiatric…ward)
….biruin niyo..a bunch of sick psycho dudes want to murder me…and isipin niyo ha…magbabayad ng pera ang pamilyo niyo para sa so called therapy…tapos parang binabayaran pa ang mga sick psycho dudes para i-therapy ka…what’s the therapy? constipation therapy…yun na nga…cause of death: sepsis from chronic constipation nak ng tae naman o?!!!!!….man..i was begging the psycho dudes for 1 tiny tablet of Dulcolax…utang na loob..15,0000 php a month tapos walang 1 tablet of Dulcolax? what in the grand name of heaven’s motherfcuker…nak ng tae naman o?!!!!!
so…if the psycho dudes + ward and staff kept me there for the 3- 6 months that they said I had to be in there…huwhaattttt??? and no 1 tiny tablet of Dulcolax…for 3-6 months…eh di…wala. death by constipation nga….have I mentioned just how much my life really sucks?. nak ng tae naman o?!!!!!
napaghahalata naman kayo masyado eh.tsupi. ALIS!!!!!! go back to ultra stealth mode…ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sige na naman o, please…stop it.wala akong prince charming to save me, sabi eh. ang kulit niyo naman eh…
SAGOT NG 116966 ahem psychos: "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…OIC…"
(ayaw ko na…)

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