Bayanihan Fund Drive: Donate to Ondoy Flood Victims



Barrio Bayanihan

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     Here’s BarrioSiete Official Form for it:

My fellow bloggers, readers and lurkers; it breaks our heart seeing all these images and watching the videos coming from Manila – the wrath and devastation not only to properties but also to the lives of our fellow Filipinos. Tropical typhoon Ondoy is not only creating havoc but also bringing epic floods in the Metropolitan Manila area.

In the spirit of Barrio Siete, I invite you all to join our Bayanihan Fund Drive: Donate to Ondoy Flood Victims. Very simply:

1.) Make a donation to our Bayanihan Fund Drive: Donate to Ondoy Flood Victims. If you can’t, then help us by making this viral and create an entry entitled: “Bayanihan Fund Drive: Donate to Ondoy Flood Victims“. A link to this original entry will be appreciated where your readers can make a donation. Please leave us a note in the comment section if you are joining so we can list your entry, in case the pingback doesn’t work.

2.) Invite other bloggers to join our “Bayanihan Fund Drive: Donate to Ondoy Flood Victims”

3.) We will list the names of the donors in a worksheets, their organization and/or their websites, unless they prefer to be anonymous.

4.) The listing will be updated regularly and will be posted here in Barrio Siete Dot com.

5.) We are only accepting monetary donations in currencies accepted by Paypal.

6.) All donations will be remitted only to the Philippine National Red Cross in Manila. (We have not made any contact with them yet.)

Thousands have lost their homes, many children are now hungry and stranded on their rooftops. Rescue workers are overloaded with the burden of saving thousands waiting to be saved. Please help by putting a badge or making a small donation.If you would be so kind as to help please click this link and you land on the official donation page.

To post a badge for your blog copy paste this code:

<a href="">
<img src=""
alt="Barrio Bayanihan" /></a>


I donated a few dollars to this cause. Hope you can do the same. * * * * *(francess raymundo)

What did you learn from the flooding? [ a question from Talkback ]

1 Answer: I learned that the corrupt politicians should write this on the board, a hundred times: I promise not to misuse tax money from the people, ever again. If I can’t keep my promise, I promise to share some of that money with the DPWH.

We’re supposed to be this peace loving nation. I can’t believe that I’ve had this string of bullies around me for 3 months now. Why peace loving? It’s the best time for militant groups to have 1 of those protests against corruption in the Philippines. No protests. No open letter printed in the newspapers. They’re probably thinking, " Why bother?". So we help out, any which way we can and pretend not to notice that the whole country has chosen to’pardon’ those corrupt politicians of ours…for the nth time. 

* * * * *

My aunt called today. If it’s any consolation, San Juan City’s city plumbing isn’t all that bad. Mr. Sarao butingting/Mr. Ahem/ Lactao Street’s de tsinelas symphonic orchestra/etc./ … all ‘back in business’,very early in the morning, today. 

I wrote to my sister. I waited for the guy (Mr. E.K./ Mr. Thoughts) to ask about me and the weather. It isn’t like him not to ask. I have not left the house in 22 days. I’m trying to learn Mandarin Chinese. My list of activities is getting longer. I’ve found where those temples have been hiding. I’ve been learning how to pray the Great Compassion Mantra. I’m checking its translation. I don’t want to be 1 of those devotees who chant their prayers without knowing what they’re saying. I’ve been praying to dear Mother Kuan Yin. Praying for her love and protection. Praying for her to help me with the Tao to stay happy. Being bullied by strangers isn’t the kind of situation that enables a person to live his or her life, quietly. It’s a very difficult situation. I lack air and sunshine. My face has this annoying stress rash. Just 1 of the glorious gifts from the bullies who just don’t want to give their misdeeds: a rest.

This picture of dear Mother Kuan Yin comes with a copyright.It’s by an artist named Spring Liao. Here’s a link to her website "Springgreeting". Spring uses these words: all good things. Imagine that.


My mother understands why I’ve chosen to be a Taoist follower. I have to constantly remind her that to be a Taoist is not to be a Buddhist. It’s a religion that I believe in. I’ve been open to it since my high school days. I came to know about the Tao during my senior year.I’ve read enough about it to know that its followers engage in practices which are deeply related to the ways of the Chinese Buddhists. I have yet to see if I shall be treated with the same kind of disrespect and abuse [such horrors did greet me inside my mother’s place of worship, this year] while I go about my religious obligations. I have faith in mother Kuan Yin’s mercy. She will not allow it. It’s not right to provoke a person to lose his or her faith in other people. Just the same, I’m glad that our practices aren’t "cultish". I’ve the optimistic feeling that I shan’t be ridiculed or be bothered when I pray inside our temples. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve embraced this religion. It was very easy, for the group that was behind the terrible harassment phase [ June to early August ] inside the law school (Manila Law College) which I had to leave, to scare me into leaving. 1. Ok, so I should have gone to my Grandfather’s alma mater. 2. It doesn’t seem like "the gentlest won over the hardest" in the said situation but "the gentlest" did "win", in a way. None of them managed to push me down those 110 year old stair steps.

I left before anyone had the chance to do so. What with the sudden rule that students aren’t allowed to use the elevator to descend from upper floors.(?!!?) I was probably the only student with a fear of heights, there. You never can tell.I could have been the only student there who couldn’t use those stairs without falling, at some point.

I feel very sad. My former students wouldn’t want to see me like this. They’d wonder where she went to; dear Ms.Raymundo who had that candid (and sweet) smile.  不 起  She’s been finding it very hard to feel free, in her own country.

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