1. I miss my sister. She’s in Russia.
2. I gave away most of my beautiful clothes. Now I miss some of them. Like my favorite Ms. Raymundo skirt. My favorite Ma’am Raymundo skirt.
3. I miss my uncle Michael.
4. I miss dancing. I can’t dance anymore. No partner.
5. I miss having my nails done.
6. I miss going to the beauty parlor.
7. I miss my very bad tempered Mr. Thoughts. mr. mild mannered reporter… very bad tempered guy [ he did ruin my birthday annivs…more than once… made me very happy on my birthday anniv…once]  I dedicated my master’s thesis to him, last year. Good thing he doesn’t know. His name is printed on the first page…he’d just slap me and rid me of all my teeth if he ever sees it…he has small hands…but then again, he’d probably use his foot to bash my face in… oh, well… we can’t choose who we fall in love with…
oh well…at least now he can’t say that he doesn’t treat me as if i were just some dog…his dogs fare better. Why so? He doesn’t ignore them. He can’t.
There’s my love life for you. I love a guy who’d love and cherish a dog but who wouldn’t love and cherish me.
my friends will probably yawn at this. i still have a few around. they’ll think, "what’s new?"
they all knew it, anyway.
no one i’ve loved ever kept me.
8. i miss my grandparents…just the one set of them
9. i miss curling my hair
10. i miss going to the mall with my mother. i miss seeing her without her walking cane.

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