scenes from a life

Bb.Ma’am Engot’s life is turning into a tragedy.
It shouldn’t turn into a tragedy.

Bb. Ma’am Engot wishes that "her" Ginoong Sir Iniibig isn’t the reason why the Bb. is becoming a bilanggo in their own house.

What’s to become of Bb. Ma’am Engot? Ayan siya sa loob ng isolation room. Kawawa naman ang Bb.

Kawawa naman siya. Huwag naman sana na "forever" na siyang ganitong ka-kawawa.


i miss Mr.Thoughts/ Mr. e.k.

I shouldn’t miss him. But I do.

one call from him will change things, i know.

i can’t call him.

only God can make Mr. Thoughts/Mr. e.k. call me…change things into happy warmth for me and for Bb. Ma’am Engot.



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