the first full moon night in 5 years…last night. Mr. E did not show that he thinks of me. the first time in 5 years.
of all the cruel things that Mr. E. has ever said to me
the worst has been to call me a drama queen.
my friends call me a drama queen too
but out of much love
fierce love even
Mr. E. says it with much hatred
and with much malice.
reeks of "…blahblahblah jests at scars… who never felt a wound"
he didn’t keep his promise to call.
he didn’t keep his promise to write
…when things are no longer stressful
Ma’am says, " life is stressful. everywhere. you have it easy. in fact, your life is a peach."
F. is miserable and sad because of a guy named eddin.
and hey…there are billions of guys named eddin in the world, yeah?
mr. horrible beastly eddin snufflelafaggus.
that’s his name.
i’ll have to remember why my very shitty Atty. Dad loved "the merchant of venice" so much.
there just has to be some useful arsenal in it somewhere
becuase. Mr. E couldn’t be worse than my very shitty Atty. Dad.
if he were…
now, F. would have to be Ms. F jive turkey too
along with sad and miserable.
but F’s just miserable and sad

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