isang lingon sa pinanggalingan part 2 ~…

Tapos, wala na akong maalala from my UE graduate school days after May 2008. The sky fell on my head and the 50-50 came in. Ok, so I still remember the events from 2008 that happened inside school, but not much from all those adik-adik nights of finishing my graduate thesis. I remember Atty. Bananas superproxy guardian devil ex- future husband to be # 3, I remember spending a few more hours with Manong Paul and Ate Dina and Ate Fely at the graduate school office last Dec 3 2008. I treated them—-> Jollibee only —–> and they were in the room while I was signing my EXIT papers. I kissed Ate Dina before leaving my beloved 7th floor. We celebrated my getting the Master Teacher Francess the night before graduation rites. Twas just Jollibee palabok, burger steak meals, and chicken joy meals~ but that’s why I call these people my UE graduate school family. I miss them and I hope that they know how much I love them. Because they cared for me. For close to 2 years…they were a part of me… everyday of those close to 2 years. And for about a year..I think I was Ms. Mister Donut girl and Ms. KFC girl, because I’d bring them merienda from Mister Donut or KFC…as a consuelo since I was so busy beating the 50-50 to death~I couldn’t  just "sit and do nothing"  with the UE graduate school loves of my life.
Yun lang. I had to make lingon sa pinanggalingan because life is about not sitting on your laurels and about moving forward.
We chose something else for me. Atty.Raymundo wasn’t the initial plan pala. It wasn’t. At all.
I’m relieved because I know that I meant it when I told everybody..that the Master is sick of studying. The Master is tired. The Master has nothing to prove to anyone and the Master should just live quietly so that she can stop using  the term " husband to be" soon and marry.
Could be?
Nope. it’s
Only Be.
and of course
I Red heartU.E.

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