University of the East,Philippines ( Manila Campus) …The Graduate School Institute is Out To Get Level 4 Accreditation

and i think that they’re going to get that level 4

WE Red heart UE  —-> part of the 2009 UE "love your school" campaign

8 "UE’s Graduate School" Rules

1. Study. Morning, Noon, and Night. AND after Midnight until it’s Morning again… if you can.
        ~ you can score more UE survival progress points if you’re a full time student. it’s not called the "mini" U.P. for nothing.
           it helps, though, to remind some faculty members that E and P are 2 entirely different consonants.
           no more addition. of  course E is not a consonant. that’s why i just wrote, " no more addition" find out for yourself, why…

2. Speak in English.
      ~ no one is going to take you seriously if you can’t communicate your thoughts or your ideas well.
         it’s an ESL and EFL campus.
        if you can’t speak the language…you’ll surely fail.
        you had better listen to your ESL tutor if you’re from another country.

3. Remember the Dress Code for the No Dress Code.

    ~ Don’t come to class, thinking you’re still an undergrad from another school. It’s not a wash and wear or a don’t wash but wear campus.
       For Women : Wear smart business suits or smart dresses on weekdays. You can wear casual on Saturdays but for footwear don’t choose sandals or slippers.
     Don’t spray on too much fragrance. Don’t dare to chew gum. Don’t wear too much make-up. Keep your hair neat.
    For Men: Wear smart suits on weekdays. Saturdays? Just don’t be a slob. It’s still a man’s world….but don’t be a hobo.

4. Smile and show respect for EVERYONE.

   ~ Say hello or say thank you to the elevator man, the lady janitors, the Pinland janitors…
      don’t forget your basic manners when you speak with the Graduate School Office staff!
      wait for your turn. don’t push. it’s not a public school.
      respect the librarians. they are always at your service.
     don’t litter!
     The campus is 99% SPOTLESS.
     (it always reminded me of SM. )

5. Don’t call. Don’t email. Do your "business" in person.
   ~ make an appointment for whatever you need assistance for. then show up for that appointment.
      learn how to compose business letters for any of your requests, have them stamped as received.
6. The Graduate School’s Executive Secretary and the Graduate School’s Dean
   ~ These two never take students for granted. Know who they are. They are the guardians of right. UE will never hire incompetent leaders,  you know.

7. Be involved.
  ~ Whether it’s a University lecture, a fund raising campaign,a simple Christmas party  or a tribute to a faculty member…find time to support school events.

8. Love your choice and be proud to be a UE  -Warrior.
 ~ perseverance, trust, good faith, and loyalty
    these are all you’ll really need.

(I’m a product of UE’s  Graduate School Institute. At the moment, I feel complete because of the choice I made. I’m smiling. 🙂 It’s a very good school.)


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