~a north by northwest where art becomes life—> for real



"If I were a doctor, I’d cure her. And make her well."

(ok. go on. swoon, sigh, and faint w/ ms. manila rose)

REMINDER FOR MISS FRANCESS RAYMUNDO: Miss Francess Raymundo should stick to the plot. [ not memorial plot~ TSE! 1) to the bad 2) to the engots and 3) to the evil and engots]

Acting OA~ both sides~ is not good. Very, very bad.

A nurse here is teasing me. What is playing on the radio? " Start back at One" (aka one of our theme words~ Afresh.) Other theme words being /sorry/ /threat/ /abuse/ /apologies/ /sorry/ /offense/ /feud/ /peace/ /fool/ /sorry/ /angry/ /sorry/

Theme Sentence~ I know; you stupid. [ KLMNOP & RFJESR ‘pass this around’ b/wn themselves always.]

Theme Song~ Somewhere Out There [ ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. not really. Now why should I reveal what the real theme song is? ]


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