sick leave notice…

We laugh at my "husband to be" at home. We laugh because we have a very reliable fortune teller. The fortune teller has never been wrong when it comes to peering into my future. NEVER BEEN WRONG. Our first child, we shall name Adam. Our second child, a girl, will have no first name.Which will make her the wondrous daughter of her dear father and her dear mother. And Adam will protect his golden baby sister; being that he shall inherit his father’s courage and bravery. Sometimes, when I am not the quiet girl that I truly am, at home…the Amahs and I chat about scenes which will come true when our baby girl with no first name becomes the favorite of every single member of the family.
" Goodnight, Papa."
" Yes, goodnight. Wait, what is your name today? Your father is getting old, my dear. You have to remind him what he is to call you. "
" Uhmm, dearest Papa, this month, I should like to be called Red."
" Red? "
" Yes, Papa. I find Mama frequently in the garden these days. Tending over her red roses. Will I grow to be as beautiful as Mama is, Papa?
" Oh Red.Red it is then, my princess, by the way. Thank God that you look so much like your Mama. Adam will have lots of trouble defending and protecting you,you know? "
" I know, dearest Papa. Adam loves me. He is strong like you. And very brave. This morning, Papa..Adam scared the boys in my class because they were teasing me about not having a permanent first name."
" Really, Red?"
" Yes, Papa, really."
" Dear Red, just between you and me…must I speak to your Mama about this?"
" No, dearest Papa. no need. Mama faced the Mother Superior today. Mama told the nuns to call me by my hyphenated last name. Miss Raymundo-[blank]. "
" Alright, my dear grade 3 Red. give papa a goodnight kiss then. I’ve checked on Adam, he is snoring. Football practice today must have tired him so, yes?"
" Papa.."
" What is it, Red?"
" Adam is as handsome as you are."
" Ah, Red. I see now. You inherited your Mama’s way with words. That is how your Mama melted Papa’s heart, do you know this?"
" Yes, Papa. Mama tells Adam and me about how the two of you fell in love. All the time."
" How come you never ask your Papa, about his side of the story?"
 "Dearest Papa, Mama is a better teller of stories than you are!"
 "You’ve got me there, Red. Goodnight, my princess. Your Papa is very hungry and his wife, your mother…well, she is playing hide and seek with your Papa again."
 "Goodnight, Papa. And by the way, Mama says that she plays with you, so that you can have a longer life. Adam and I, Red…i promise to be Red for the rest of the grade 3 term, Papa. I don’t want to confuse you as much because you are an old man. We see just how much Mama loves you."
F’s husband: now where is my wife? This is such a big house, I had no idea that the woman I married was


 Francess Raymundo- [blank]! where are you hiding? Your husband is very hungry. Please, come out and feed your old husband, please.

~ to my dudes and fans..this is all for now, for about a month or two. hopefully just a month. I am very ill- same illness from the year 2003-. And clue for the hopeless idiots out there: good old frankie blue eyes, ya? i’m going to sit right down and ? what? fill in the blanks please. fill in the blanks.
much love [ can’t blow flying kisses, what i have is contagious ] – Maestra Raymundo

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