sweet scents for your cents

Aromatherapy has been something that always works for me. Perfume is really one of my "special interests". But today, I am a l’il bit sad. Why?  I realized that I finally have a top 1. I found a signature scent. It makes me sad since it comes with a question: Hey, F! Does this mean that you are no longer versatile?
Hmmmm..maybe it’s one of those "pop-occult" things that can be attributed  to " Runaway Bride"?  You know the part. The part where Julia is "forced" to "find herself" and choose just how she likes her breakfast eggs, once and for all.
My top 1 is Stella Amber. It’s not expensive, at all. Not even hard to find. But ( There is a But) it’s not popular amongst Filipinas. Which makes me happy because then my Stella makes me just a bit more special.
CLEARED POST( of my U.E. Manila family ) calls it my gayuma. Halimuyak ng Diwata nila. Seriously, the staff of grad school know that I’m around when they smell my Stella Amber from their office when I come out of the elevator palang. They told me that they actually say, " Ah, andito na si Rose."
Last summer ( when I still had very long hair) I was even able to make gayuma our exam proctor for Descriptive linguistics ( Dr.


was not around ) . My Stella Amber convinced him to be strict with the Chinese. Meaning: Sorry Tsekwas. You don’t have my Stella Amber. Therefore, you guys can’t use your electronic dictionaries according to our proctor and you Tsekwas can’t go to the library during our exam to look for answers on the .Net. ( evil Diwata bells-bells laughter) . And you Tsekwas can’t even speak to one another.

I love my Stella Amber.
But I still have my top 2, 3,& 4 .


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