First day of July,depressed and going for some “political” humor to beat it ….


What if anything can happen [really]….then this could be one of those humorous  and unforgettable legal stories in Malaysia. 


Disclaimer: This is a work of FICTION and is not posted for political reasons or any other reason but to find meaning in what does not make sense…and humor.  The term " Home Minister" was lifted from Channelnewsasia website. Section on Malaysian politics [ recent]



                      Anwar    Ibrahim vs. S. Hamid Albar



RESPECT MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. Plaintiff files suit against Home Minister for violation of his intellectual property rights. Among the allegations were: (1) Home Minister caused him unwarranted misery when defendant stated, "It is play-acting on the part of Anwar to gain sympathy, to show that his life is in danger.”; (2) That Home Minister had placed a deliberate obstacle to the path of the Plaintiff as the Home Minister’s contribution to the long list of other obstacles that may cause the Plaintiff’s downfall; and (3) that by reason of the foregoing acts, Home Minister had deprived him of his constitutional rights since the Plaintiff “said he feared an assassination attempt”, which is an invention that qualifies for registry where IP enforcement, franchising and licensing are concerned [ backed by the Malaysia Invention and Design Society ] included in the 2008 Handbook: Managing Intellectual Property Rights in Malaysia.


Lawsuit seeks damages in excess of 20,000,000 RM “inline with the objective of enhancing copyright protection in Malaysia” ( amongst other things ).



   The court noted that, “ The family of the Plaintiff has suffered so much. They deserve the opportunity to overcome their hardships in a country where they are free from fear."


“The Plaintiff’s copyright to said invention was granted license since the invention came from a  well-founded fear of future persecution and even assassination."

The court went on about its concerns and further noted, “copyright owners have to demonstrate the initiative to execute their copyright protection and ensure that their works (in any form)”are protected and must not be violated in any manner . The Plaintiff’s lawsuit is a move executed in behalf of a much needed ‘new frontier in the protection of individual and governmental leaders from assassination, and  from sabotage and/or attack,in times of crisis.”


Judgement for Plaintiff. The court also ruled under its state laws for  a select assembly to give Malaysia’s “despostic” PM the ‘power’ to accept and publicly declare that the Plaintiff is not an “ unlawful enemy combatant”and that PM will from theron act as a fundamental instrument to the safeguarding of the Plaintiff’s individual freedom against arbitrary and lawless state action’.


The Plaintiff is thankful for the judgment. (and the damages [_____] granted by the court in excess of 20,000,000 RM )


** sources EBSCO Legal Collection, quoted lines from the ff resources in the collection: Mirandah, P.

                         Peterson, D.

                         Eds. G. & G.


                        Barbarin & Morales [ George Washington Law School]

                        MALAYSIA. Managing Intellectual Property, 09605002, 2008 Handbook





“ A little learning is a dangerous thing.” (?!)


 Not when it comes to humor.




I wonder if Former Deputy PM Anwar Ibrahim [Malaysian Opposition leader] has “double jeopardy” in his M’sian political pocket? Does he need a second trial?  Will the second trial after the alleged first mistrial  not violate the double jeopardy clause because: a mistrial ends a trial prematurely without a judgment of guilty or not guilty?


Will the new “sex charges” cause his downfall? ‘Tis a web..’Tis all a web.


[Anwar didn’t do it, though. I doubt it. If I were a lawyer I’d go’ But Anwar is such good friends with President Estrada of the Philippines. Tell me who your friends are, right? ( Opted for this one because using " B- rds of the same feather, flock together" would be bastos and rather ‘green’ in nature.) Macho + Macho. Not Chicos. haha.So Anwar is a macho man. Case closed. this is a little bit bastos so let’s put it in simple MSN invisible ink: If Anwar has a son, then there you have it. When a married couple desire to have a boy, when they do the deed while they’re trying to get pregnant, husband should give the wife an orgasm or two while doing the deed when the wife is ovulating. If they want a orgasm. Just plant the seeds. So if Anwar has a son, then really, case closed. Anwar is a macho man. Why do I know these things? Nothing. I read a whole lot. I’ve always wanted to have a baby boy someday. With or without a husband. when I’m 31 or 32. If I make it to 31 or 32, that is. Besides, M’sia should pull itself together. M’sia would be losing one hell of a good English/Piano&Violin teacher from the R.P. who would cause a whole lot of nice trouble inside any campus there, what with the blueprint  for her 2nd home career:her pretty Imelda Marcos-like royal silk Filipina ternos and the juanitas decorating her lovely hair. And some poor fellow would miss his chance with the future Filipina Maestra "import."  Read up, guys, ya? There’s this paper: Managing Islam, Sexuality, Race and Gender in a Modern Pluralistic Society. Meanwhile, I’m staying out of trouble. This blog has been under the radar since May, that’s why no RSS feeds for the Fran stalkers. And by the by: Tonight I will sing. A concert supporting Susan Fernandez who has ovarian cancer. So some famous actor [ Ricky Davao] can finally sing Mr. Pete Lacaba’s and Ms. Francess Raymundo’s shared salinawit (if he has not sang our song, that is. I don’t know. I got a bit ‘turned off’ by the salinawit scene because of the crowd and the alcohol brews galore brouhaha in the scene. I don’t agree with Roald Dahl: Writers don’t need whiskey. Writers don’t need to drink. Female writers don’t need to drink whiskey etc. Actually, they just need lots of [fill in the blank]. Choose your own adventure end to the latter. Don’t look at me. I have a curfew and I don’t drink and I’m celibate.


Yeah. I am. I am a funny girl. ]




Where is the ‘peaceful’ M’sia that I used to love?


Hey…don’t chuck the frequent visitors, ya?






Tssss…but who wants to visit now?





                      Miss F.R. —–>  [ gone till December ] … ( guys and gals, take the gone until December, seriously, please)





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