School Fair






Sometimes, people can trick me into getting on a mile high escalator- the kind that skips over three floors of a building in an architect’s attempt to please the public. Meaning, in a world that now opts to waive lunch for the extra cash, modern infrastructure would not be deemed effective if the blueprints don’t generate a positive comment at the end of every review that the said blueprints: will save time. What is the trick? They talk to me. Not just for those terrifying steps on motion; even those ridiculously steep and elevated walkways on streets for crossing from one side to the other. They have to talk to me. It’s a dangerous and very imposing “one over me,” though something I still have to teach myself to be wary of.

       The last time this happened, I was walking with someone who probably uses banal chatter to ward off fatigue and the urge to suddenly drop his mounting irritability on someone else.  It was a concrete pedestrian bridge with so many concrete steps and I hadn’t eaten much of a day’s noontime meal.

“ Oh,God.” I said to myself while looking around for an alternative route to the northern end of the avenue. Truthfully, if I had known that meeting him would entail any sort of walking and for this specifically: climbing, I truly would have begged off. But he was one of the sly friends of mine that I’ve spoken of. “It’ll be fine,” he said. “I’ll help you. And what, by the way, were you saying about your old boyfriend?” Now that was a pretty fine maneuver. Checkmate. I talked the talk and he wasn’t even listening. It was actually sweet of him; that which he did. He allowed me to expound on a topic he didn’t care much about and he saved himself a considerable amount of time. After all, I was on vacation. He on the other hand, was rushing back to work.


                                                                 Must not have friends who are afraid of heights.  


I’ve never been on a ferris wheel. What a real roller coaster ride feels like remains a mystery to me. The most dangerous ride I’ve ever been on [ school fair time] has been the caterpillar. I loved school fairs as a Paulinian. Not for the rides, obviously.


I loved them for the street food freely allowed during school fair weeks. Fishballs and singkamas  with bagoong. Manggang hilaw  with bagoong. Cotton candy, 3M pizza slices and MERALCO cheesepie slices. Real Coca-Cola and shaved ice treats[ blue or red ]. Taho and Mamang Sorbetero  ice cream [ ice cream chi-chi]


If I ever see that sly friend of mine again, I will try to look like Catherine Zeta Jones in that movie “ Terminal” [ The Terminal? ] Exactly like that [ except for her nose]wearing 5 inch heels. I’d race and beat him to the gentleman’s act of hailing me a cab.


                             Must not have friends who are afraid of heights but can run on dangerous [and very “illegal”] high heels.


Then rush back to work he surely will.


                                  Oh my, she ran away from my goodbye kiss. Again. I wonder why?


School fair. I’ve been on this theme park “ride” for years now.  I have enough tokens for five years more on it. I don’t want the happy chaos to end [so soon] for me. Trying to educate the learned man on how to win the game of “kiss the fair lady”.


In the middle of this theme park life, Just nearly caught you. Come now. You can’t run away. Where to? Oh don’t worry about those heels. I win and I want that kiss now.”


F: Wait…you need to have a token. Do you have it? It’s red and round. With the word / WINNER/  stenciled on it. Didn’t you know?


                                                           Must not have friends who know the rules more than I do.


                               But I won and I really wanted that kiss! There, there are those damned clowns when you really need them.


                                         “Hey, you clowns. Lend me a token; red and round. Please and hurry. It’s an emergency. ”




F: Must not have friends who know how to deal very well… when it comes to clowns.




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