random according to de Saussure does not really mean random….

To my University of the East Philippines- Manila Campus ( Graduate School ) family: Please do not worry about me. Thank you for all your concern. "See you when I see you", for all the coming fix the loose ends days ahead. It’s just my health. Don’t worry, the mind [brain] has not lost a single cell, va savoir?
Yes, I may look like a baby doll and a figurine. But these guys, take me seriously. They take their roles and responsibilities, seriously. They know that education changes lives, and that lives are not to be toyed with. No, education does not merely change lives, education creates lives. Today, as simple as I may put things: higher education will equate to a higher quality of life. My case.
As a student, I don’t play around. So these people do not play around, too.
CHED should get around to giving us a one of those center of excellence things. That award made of glass is something which my 7th floor deserves. And no, the people here will not stand for jokes and asides that Lucio Tan paid for the award, in the future.
In that university, which almost destroyed me, I always had this violent desire to smash the 3 that they have [ for that specific department ] (could have just been 2) because I felt that the 3 (or 2) displayed there, were jokes.
Jose Rizal’s statue stands somewhere in the campus and yet the program M.A English-Creative Writing was dissolved. Just in time to almost destroy the rest of my life.

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