ControlledEnvironment: quit it forced birth meddlers…andmy ex, and other green eyed i don’t knowwhats PHILIP MORRIS 100’S

I remembered this line from the film Romance Cigarettes: ” There are two things that a man should be allowed to do. Be romantic and smoke his brains out.”
I wish that I had a magic wish granting hairband, I’d wish for this to be fixed as soon as possible.
We always did get along just fine in those periods of no fighting and peace but the rare kind of  peace with talking and communication.
We’d be both happier if only he could just be less blind and say, ” Ok. I’ve been a big dope. Now, F…promise not to log on to the Internet for at least two years. One year is easy for you to follow. Two would be slightly pushing it, but the world is, after all, full of possibilities.”
He probably wonders about how it’s possible that I always manage to have a good point or two, somewhere in the middle of everything.
“She does have a point.” Meaning, me.
I sent him mosquito nets after a I find out that he had dengue.
Because that’s the kind of thing that Filipinas do.
I was very hurt when he didn’t mention anything about the other thing I sent him.
I had sent him one of those tailored Barong Tagalogs.
Since tailored Barong Tagalogs here belong on the backs of great men.
Even Quintin Tarantino was so very happy about owning a real tailored Barong Tagalog, recently.
And Quintin wore it with pride.
Now I  think that maybe the Barong was stolen in Malaysian customs.
It was, after all, a fine tailored Barong meant for him,igloo Eddin,igloo eddin khoo.
which I valued at .20 MR ( Malaysian Ringgit) because that’s what you are meant to do for Fedex.
Place any monetary value, for bullshit’s sake, if you’re not sending something for the purpose of commercial trade.
Oh dear god. This growth at the back of my neck is torturing me again.
I will be vomiting for hours.
And I don’t have a magic wish granting hairband.
And then, I remember how I can mimic the way he talks. His style. I can predict how he is to put something.
As my going on leave for awhile entry (hospital stuff,  school stuff and I’m going to see the cherry blossoms in a Jap-filled county if my doctor allows me to travel before June teaching starts):
She hears that somewhere in another world a man speaks to a girl. “This ghost has something to say to you. But will you have it?”


I want to have love in my life < love of my choosing and wanting> and I want to be a CLEARED POST  

Well, God’s stamp on this  life-span of my always, that is.

Quiet, simple, and rather happy, I think.
To be remembered by those who I cared for and who cared for me: the only kind of remembering that exists for a person to truly aspire for.

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