another New York survey~from Super Myra

~ That tiresome previous entry, aside~ part of my social networking hobbies has been answering surveys from one of my best girl buds who’s based in New York~ i call her Super Myra [ sorry~ we’re still the same giddy schoolgirls from St. Paul : naku ha~ St. Paul’s Pasig was and still is truly the best all girls Catholic private school in the Philippines~our parents chose to hide us on top of a mountain~ nothing says "Convent School" better than a location like that~ fine, & i’m Super Osang to her..who is now a barrister/lawyer in NY City…Yeaup, I’ve been the only one in my clique who dumped the lawyer dream for something else…wish I didn’t, though..oh well… ]
(haha~ flashback…i remember us girls, toppling over in giggles during some lunchbreaks, after having jointly belted out "The Hills Are alive…blahblahblah" ~ so many years after, I can still smell the grass) we grew up in androgyny ~neither girls nor boys~ come to think of it…when i’m angry w/ the world,i still flaunt the testosterone
in me, slick my hair back into a guy’s bob, wear a necktie or suspenders, flatten my boobies with athlete’s tape, and go to meetings smelling of Fahrenheit or Givenchy Q like some lesbian magnet)
(wait, why those two? ~ random choices, i guess…since i’m the one wearing them…these guy scents make me go "gaga" all over a guy, you shouldn’t spray on any of them on my list or you’re gonna get, a whole lot of trouble (nice trouble) from ultra-sexy me [only ultra-sexy on dates~ what’s the point of hiding it when the reason you’re out dating is for the guy to see he’s "picking a winner" – DH Lawrence)
1.) Kenzo ~ L Eau par Kenzo Homme
2.) Lacoste
3.) Aqua di Gio~ Giorgio Armani
4.) Issey Miyake~ L’Eau d issey~ Homme
5.) Tommy Boy
6.) Hugo Boss ~ Hugo Homme
7.) Body Shop ~ Bergamot Men
8.) Davidoff ~ The Good Life
~yea. four of those my EX used to wear, one because it was my choice for our his and hers coupledom duet.~
~ I used to be a big Kenzo fan, too. After he left me, I stopped spraying on, all things Kenzo: L Eau, Kenzo Peace, Flower by Kenzo, Kenzo Ca Sent Beau~ most of my allowance in college went to perfume, aside from Kenzo, my top 4s were 1.) Chanel- Allure 2.) Elizabeth Arden- Green Tea 3.) Escada- Sentiment 4.) Lancome-Oui!
~take a wild guess? Yup,I haven’t worn those scents in years.
My perfume cabinet, at present
1.) Stella- Amber
2.) Stella- Peony
3.) Nina- Nina ricci ( red apple bottle ), Love in Paris ( i keep giving this away, when a friend admires my scent, so i keep buying it)
4.) Gucci II
5.) Escada- Diamond Femme
6.) Guerlain- Lovely Cherry Blossom, Shalimar
7.) Paul Smith – Femme
8.)Giorgio Armani- She,Elle,Ella ( i smell like candy when i wear this one )
9.) Puiget ( which has a clone~ Bodycology Gardenia ) ~ when i wear it, it gives me an invisible tag w/c says- WOMAN. capital W,O,M,A&N.
10.) Van Cleef&Arpels (Van Cleef, and  First Love)
11.) Dior – Poison ( so what? it’s heady and smells like mangoes, actually )and it’s as expensive today as it was when i was in grade 3
12.) Lancome – Miracle (this is my bedtime after shower before going to sleep scent) i admit it~ i always pray to God, at night~ Lord, please bring me a miracle such luck for ages now, but still…
Perfume is my special interest, men remember what you smell like, so you better smell like someone worth remembering
~ i don’t patronize Bulgari or Chanel~ every other Park Avenue -esque Filipina socialite will be wearing those two or Goutal
~ Estee Lauder is for old women
~ most Escada scents are too common
~YSL scents have the same top notes, whatever their chemists do
~ Givenchy, same as YSL
Have you ever had any comestic procedures done?
– Mesotherapy/Mesolipo…i take care of my arms…don’t want them too fat~ Mesolipo injects my arms with pure vitamins~ the kind that melts fat…
-I’m unmarried. There’s no reason to look like I’ve given up on myself.
Second Why?
A teacher has to take care of her looks, it’s called exogenic and extrinsic motivation for students. If you don’t listen to your teacher and really learn English, you’re never going to know what it’s like to pay 1000 thousand pesos for a drink at a hotel lobby lounge, or have money for a driver even if you’re stuck in a rat race, boring, depressing 9-5 or 7-3 teaching job. [ fine, so the darlings don’t really have to know about the family’s "hidden wealth", now, do they? My EX used to call it "hidden wealth" since we live in an ancient house, in an old, old city, and I only just used to ride buses and walk to my University for irreverently rich people ]
Come again?
I read it in someone’s blog: If you’re rich and smart, study at the Ateneo. If you’re rich and stupid, or not so bright, go to LaSalle. If you’re irreverently rich, UA&P is for you.
OK, since nothing was said about the intellect of UA&Pians ( and I’m from UA&P, too )~ since I did study in Ateneo as well…’nuff said.
And I absolutely agree with that bit about LaSalle.
I always choose a school where I can avoid getting any "bull" from anyone. And a school where my students will be singing " There She Goes" every time I pass by.
It’s good to be one of the beautiful teachers. That way, your students don’t just respect you, they also "love" you.
Last year, I had five students fussing about me, with pamaypays (fans)~ our class was at 2pm and the University was so hot, even my eyes would sweat…my students would rotate around me, fanning me like real electric fans, circulating.
One student even said, " Ma’am please raise your arm?"
Ma’am Raymundo: " Why? What for?"
Student: " So that I can fan your armpits as well"
Ma’am Raymundo: " Oh my. You are ridiculous. If I do that, your classmates will see that even if Ms. Raymundo already wears industrial strength deodorant, your School, is just way too sauna-like that it beats Rexona. I really think there’s a wet stain underneath my blouse caps sleeves by now. I can feel it."
Student: " Never Mind, Ma’am. It’s wet but it does not have a smell"
Etc. Crazy, no? Well~ sometimes it’s fun to be me. What’s sad is that the person I would have liked to share all these stories with, does not appreciate me, at all.
Now, this, my human electric fans, made some of my co-faculty hate me. Their students never did treat them as well as most of my "babies" did.
Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, nalang ang sagot ko sa kanila.
I even had two students who carried me from the 4th floor to my car when I couldn’t walk last September.
How’s that for being the loveliest professor,huh?
If I ever get older, I sure do have lots of memories to look back on.
Oh, no! Why do I seem to be doing that now?

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