~again, love my UE




I love calling up the graduate school office of the University of the East. I love hearing the operator go, " Welcome to the University of the East, Manila.". I’m going to be honest and say that this greeting appeals to me as the ultimate when it comes to word association. What’s the word? That word would be /sonorous/. I admit that when I get UE’s operator, I never find myself having heart palpitations or cursing, so unlike [removed]

The graduate school of the University of the East, Manila can be found within the P.O. Domingo building~ UE’s famous libarary facility that has a garden for student use. This garden is so aptly situated since it can be found in the Filipiniana collection floor. Call me, simple: but I had swell memories last year of conversing with some of my former Atenean classmates [ yea, I’m a former Atenean, so what? Those 6 years are never going to be erased from my scholastic records…I actually have a folded copy of my grades for M.A. English Literature, in my wallet~ just in case I suddenly die in an accident. I imagine falling in line with the rest at St. Peter’s, you know, just in case what I learned from UA&P ( another one of my high profile schools~ I’ve been lucky enough to have had the lot of them, [removed], now that would be a sell out, see? what would an Atenean do in [removed], even if I did cringe when my Ex quipped~ " Figure that’s your fashion accessory, noh? Ateneo.Ateneo de Manila University." Why he said this? I don’t know. Freud, perhaps. [removed].) ~ going back~ …just in case UA&P [ Fr. de Torre ] was right, and dying in an accident gets you some soul mortification~ you can proceed and wait in line at St. Peter’s, just in case…even if I just get to see Grandpa on the one side winking, and I show him paper," Yo, grandpa, hey. yup, good grades from Ateneo, your eng-eng studied really hard, noh? [removed]

SEGUE!!! ano ba yan~ alright. So, I would tell the former classmates, " [removed]wala tayo nito eh. Rizal library was just two floors. UE has seven floors."

Ang tanong, " nagpupunta ka ba sa library, niyo?"

Ang sagot, " Hindi pa rin. Alam niyo naman ako, parang kayo lang din. Aksaya sa pera, medyo. Naka naman, ang sarap sabihin: may personal library tayo, eh. He he. (sabay batok ni Mama, oo~ kahit props lang, magpa-aircon ka sa library man lang. Nagbabayad ka eh. )

Sagot ko, " Mama, status symbol ang hindi nagpapakabulok sa loob ng libarary. Ano ako, nerd? No, no, no. ~ Studious, yes. Nerd? NO."



Yes. 🙂 You can find her (on schedule ) if you’re lucky~ along the corridors of the University of the East, Manila’s P.O. Domingo 7th floor. Probably busy because I’ve been allowed to write extensively on something that I’ve been working on for years.



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